Wednesday, March 18, 2009

pagan christianity

in my rekindled obsession for knowledge and books, i have started reading like a maniac. i've decided to write everything i learn down so as to not forget it as easily. i finished pagan christianity today. really intriguing. here's what i learned:
-"church" did not mean a building to the early Christians. it meant to living, breathing body of believers.
-the whole modern set-up of the order of church is a fabrication of the Greeks and Romans, and it can really harm your soul if you never get out of your box.
-the sermon was an adaptation of the common Greek and Roman oration that philosophers would give every week to entertain their audience as well as flaunt their intellect.
-pastors aren't biblical, Jesus never called for them. Jesus is our leader, what more do we need?
-seminary isn't biblical. Jesus(God) never meant for one person or a group of people to be above everyone else. church needs to fluid and organic, not a top-down monarchial system.
-tithing is biblical, but not "Christian". i think Jesus calls us to give our life, not just right a legalistic check. we need to challenge ourselves to give as much as humanly possible(not just monetarily either)
-sunday school isn't biblical nor necessary
-the word "teenager" cam out of the 1940s and thus was born the youth pastor. not at all God's intention.
-the "sinner's prayer" was created in the 1950s by none other then D.L. Moody. its not in the bible anywhere.
-the whole modern worship service is completely elitist and unbiblical. it goes along with the idea that you need a "trained" group of people to lead church, and that the "laity" just aren't fit or qualified for the job.
-dressing up on sundays came out of the industrial revolution and the new middle class that was striving to look more like the wealthy. they were helped by the new "ready-to-wear" garment factories that emerged which made clothes cheaper and easier to procure.

i think this book would really rock your world and make your church ideal completely tumble to the ground into a pile of rubbish. so read it!

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