Tuesday, November 24, 2009


infinity is not a suburb

a production of machines

not a pointless mess of mass

nor a random act of genes

infinity is a house

where planets reconvene

they tend our tender gardens

and weave our woven inbetweens

they prepare for us a meal

a glorious cuisine

of light and sky and vast expanse

so we can think, create, and dream

but i yelled into the wilderness


are we just an accident?

a lonely figurine?

get me out of this dirty place

i wish to be clean

but the sky just smiled down with that everlasting gleam,

and melted into night the way i fade out of my dreams

in the wilderness i stood

like the loneliest of beings

but in that quiet moment i realized

here is everything i need

Sunday, November 22, 2009


i am amazed by the crime of not touching the Earth
oh the disgrace of not feeling the dirt
a scandalous world with scandalous creatures
davy jones' cynics and hot air balloon preachers
we're stapled together and we're filed away
breathing the lies daddy failed to slay
we all scream PEACE but haven't got a clue
what it means to give that homeless man your thirty dollar shoes
you wear it on your t-shirts, it dangles form your neck
but what you fail to realize is how much you cold affect
every seven seconds that you sit here,
a child dies from hunger
but everyone ignores that great big pressure we're all under
and until you sacrfice yourself you will not feel the release
there is no drug in this universe that fills our need for peace
you think you get dirty but you've never felt the dirt
you think you are hearing but you've never heard a word,

of truth.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


what, why, and who are we
dancing fools on renaissance stools
drunk on wine older than twine
still coasting on ancient revolutions
still boasting of ancient solutions
answer me this, mr. smith,
do you feel fulfilled, satisfied?
drinking bathwater of Newton that's long been dry?
ten fingers, ten toes, and unexplored souls
infinite expanse severely unknown
combine our eyesight and what do you have?
a pixel, a speck, a stagnant laugh.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

i found you at inifinty

from miles high does my skin gleam
and shimmer as the morning sun shining
through the pearly gates reflects
this freedom swallowed me, engulfed me
like i too abandoned enlightening a crumbling city;
and i have if you saw me as such, that
i was a place and wind was all the road leading to me
i think of us more as west and east
colliding at every point and what
freedom is there in being both everywhere
and nowhere
but with such ease does our boat drift into these lost and tremorous seas
and with such grace are unseen ropes always pulling us back to bay
and at bay we are until love exceeds the brim and
melts the waiting, trembling universe

Sunday, November 15, 2009

shoe box

the world must be a conspiracy
like i'm actually in a diorama version of the world
i have the wings and i can fly
but everyone is on the gorund in a crowd
and i can't get out
bodies are all touching and move as one
but am i alone feeling cramped and breathless?
am i crazy
to want to make a fresh exhaust trail in the sky?
they may shoot me down but damn,
i can't stand here waiting for the weather to change
i'm clear, i'm crystal clear
the world is cloudy but i'm clear
so take my hand and count down to lift off please

Saturday, July 11, 2009



Wednesday, July 8, 2009

12:34:56 07/08/09

orange river glides through the saddle of the park
an icy day in march cuts the clouds they push apart
i'd rather be on fire
rather be on fire, fire
staring straight ahead, meeting the streets
your inky skin and your skinny feet
it's about a sidewalk, about a subway, waking to sunsets
it's been all of my wishes devised a dream and then lived it
and I remember when I first listened to your records
it's clouded, what we know
we can only hope
and i'm losing just about everything
it's been all of my regrets to live a lie and end upset
and i remember when peace was a pretty contender
it's clouded; what we know
and i'm losing everything

Thursday, April 2, 2009


today i decided i wanted to know the reason why so many americans have such bad feelings and connotations toward socialism. thanks to wikipedia, i have discovered why:

1. english atheists in the 19th century denoted themselves socialists because communism seemed too closely related to communion in the catholic church.
2. the German Social Democratic Party.
3. stalin corrupted the ideas of socialism, implemented authoritarian and bureaucratic communism. democratic socialists were not happy with him.
4. no distinction was made between communists, socialists, and anarchists.
5. meanwhile back at the ranch, socialists were pretty much anti war.
6. hence, our entry into WWI yeilded all socialists as anti-patriotic and anti-American.
7. the espionage act, signed by woodrow wilson, provided for imprisonment of “Whoever, when the United States is at war, shall willfully cause or attempt to cause insubordination, disloyalty, mutiny, or refusal of duty… or willfully obstruct the recruiting or enlistment of service of the United States."
8. Eugene V. Debs, a leader in the socialist movement, announced publicly that "Wars throughout history have been waged for conquest and plunder… The master class has always declared the war and the subject class has always fought the battles." and was imprisoned for ten years.
9. the russian revolution of 1917 scared our panties off and made the majority of americans entirely anti-immigrant and anti-communist.
10. thus, the first red scare was born.
11. americans were so afraid that communist immigrants (germans and russians) would take their jobs and were unabashedly eager to end the labor unrest by blaming it on germans/russians/communists/socialists/anarchists that after the war, the fear of germans transformed into a fear of all of the above.
12. WWII
13. joseph mccarthy

and we have yet to recover.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

adam & eve

so i've been thinking about the difference between prefall adam and eve and postfall adam and eve. whether there was a literal "tree" or if it was something else is not in my capacity to know but i'm thinking of a few theories of what the difference was after the bite of the "apple".

my first thought is that prefall adam and eve had no concept of time as we know it, like God. that is probably the most prominent difference between us and God, beside everything else. the one thing that keeps us so far from God a lot of the time has to do with things that we can measure in our reality but if we were to step outside of time and space we would see it in a way that would make sense, in which we would feel a sense of well-being and nearness to infinity(God). for example, if i complain and complain and worry and worry about when i will ever get a job (if i didn't have one), it would make me feel alone and lost to think that God doesn't care enough to give me a job. but, if i could step outside of time and see that a new job would arrive on my doorstep eventually because outside of time i am a fulfilled person that works hard, then i would feel a sense of patience and calm knowing that all is well that ends well. another example is money; if we could always remember that God will not run out of blessings and that the world will not run out of money and that we will be okay even if we have nothing, half of our worries are eliminated right there. our ability to measure and compare, which has to do with our concept of time, can inhibit our God-consciousness. just like the creation poem tells us, that they noticed their nakedness. they could then see their bodies not as whole beings created perfectly in the image of God for a purpose, but they saw something to be compared and measured, and decided that it wasn't good enough. they were stripped of their sense of wholeness and fullness. besides, aren't the times you feel closest to God the moments where Earth fades away and its just you and infinity(God)?

however, would that make adam and eve immortal, or everlasting, in their prefall state? this raises an issue i am not sure i can comprehend fully. perhaps they weren't immortal but didn't have a concept of impending death and felt a sense that everything needs to happen in a specific way because that's how the universe operates. like animals. surely lizards and birds cannot comprehend their own death or contemplate their own existence.. they just are. even if they could realize their own self they wouldn't want or need to because it really doesn't matter in the long run.

i am not suggesting, though, that adam and eve were just animals like all the rest and had no higher thinking ability. (if there really was an adam and eve)

perhaps adam and eve were a product of the egocentrism that infiltrated jewish culture back in ancient times. the jews believed that they were "God's chosen people" and maybe they decided that their origins were actually perfect.

who knows. but the reason the difference matters is also the reason our existence matters.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

pagan christianity

in my rekindled obsession for knowledge and books, i have started reading like a maniac. i've decided to write everything i learn down so as to not forget it as easily. i finished pagan christianity today. really intriguing. here's what i learned:
-"church" did not mean a building to the early Christians. it meant to living, breathing body of believers.
-the whole modern set-up of the order of church is a fabrication of the Greeks and Romans, and it can really harm your soul if you never get out of your box.
-the sermon was an adaptation of the common Greek and Roman oration that philosophers would give every week to entertain their audience as well as flaunt their intellect.
-pastors aren't biblical, Jesus never called for them. Jesus is our leader, what more do we need?
-seminary isn't biblical. Jesus(God) never meant for one person or a group of people to be above everyone else. church needs to fluid and organic, not a top-down monarchial system.
-tithing is biblical, but not "Christian". i think Jesus calls us to give our life, not just right a legalistic check. we need to challenge ourselves to give as much as humanly possible(not just monetarily either)
-sunday school isn't biblical nor necessary
-the word "teenager" cam out of the 1940s and thus was born the youth pastor. not at all God's intention.
-the "sinner's prayer" was created in the 1950s by none other then D.L. Moody. its not in the bible anywhere.
-the whole modern worship service is completely elitist and unbiblical. it goes along with the idea that you need a "trained" group of people to lead church, and that the "laity" just aren't fit or qualified for the job.
-dressing up on sundays came out of the industrial revolution and the new middle class that was striving to look more like the wealthy. they were helped by the new "ready-to-wear" garment factories that emerged which made clothes cheaper and easier to procure.

i think this book would really rock your world and make your church ideal completely tumble to the ground into a pile of rubbish. so read it!