Sunday, November 22, 2009


i am amazed by the crime of not touching the Earth
oh the disgrace of not feeling the dirt
a scandalous world with scandalous creatures
davy jones' cynics and hot air balloon preachers
we're stapled together and we're filed away
breathing the lies daddy failed to slay
we all scream PEACE but haven't got a clue
what it means to give that homeless man your thirty dollar shoes
you wear it on your t-shirts, it dangles form your neck
but what you fail to realize is how much you cold affect
every seven seconds that you sit here,
a child dies from hunger
but everyone ignores that great big pressure we're all under
and until you sacrfice yourself you will not feel the release
there is no drug in this universe that fills our need for peace
you think you get dirty but you've never felt the dirt
you think you are hearing but you've never heard a word,

of truth.

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